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I ♥ My New Mug!

I got the best surprise in the mail yesterday!! I participated in the Mug Swap that Suzel Says started and Brooke from Brooklyn’s Photography sent me the cutest mug. I love it! She is so sweet and sent some other yummy surprises too!

The mug is from Anthropologie (love that store!) and has my initial on it. I already washed it out and used it yesterday for my afternoon cup of coffee.

Also in her package was some instant coffee that I’m dying to try. It’s from Trader Joe’s, and I love that place. And some Bailey’s!!! Who doesn’t love a little bit of Bailey’s? 🙂

And last but not least she sent me a sweet note on some very cute stationary. She even mentioned that she will be in Chicago in the Fall (and yes, I would love to meet up for drinks)!

Thanks again Brooke for the super cute mug and the rest of my goodies. You are too sweet, and I love them!

Happy Friday everyone!

Whatchu Know ‘Bout…Me.

I am participating in the Send Something Good project (with Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn, and Kristy). Everyone participating is linked up with another blogger they don’t know…and the best part about it is that you don’t know who has you (it’s a round-robin). I love secrets! We will send the blogger we have a package filled with treats and goodies that either they enjoy or things that are specific to Chicago. I have some great ideas for some things I want to send my blogger, but I still need to get to know her a little better. I hope she participates in today’s link-up.

Since I’m also a newer blogger I thought the “get to know me” post was absolutely necessary and would help out the blogger that has me for the Send Something Good project. Below are 26 facts about me…you know, since I’m 26 years old. (And I totally just had to think about how old I am…that’s when you know you’re getting OLD.)

1. I love shoes, but I actually hate wearing them. I take them off the second I walk in the door.
2. I am obsessed with Rihanna. Yes, she’s a rebel, but I love her anyway.
3. I don’t have a favorite color. Well I do, but it changes everyday. Today is coral. Tomorrow? Maybe blue.
4. I clearly have ADD (see #3).
5. I randomly developed eczema in college and cannot wear anything scented except perfume on my wrists (no lotions, scent-free laundry detergent, body wash – the whole shebang).
6. My favorite sports to watch are hockey and college football – love the Pittsburgh Penguins and of course my Alma Mater, University of Alabama Crimson Tide.
7. I honestly don’t know my true natural hair color. I’m currently a red head (and was born with red hair), but I’ve also been blonde and brunette.
8. I hate long distance running, but I love to work-out. Soccer is my favorite and I’ve played since I was 6.
9. I recently have taken an interest in reading. Mostly chick books.
10. I despise cold weather yet I’ve lived most my life in the Midwest. Winters are horrible here.
11. Cupcakes are my absolute favorite dessert.
12. I am very addicted to social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest mostly.
13. I love to travel. My goal is to visit all 50 states before I turn 50. I think I’m at 20-something already.
14. I despise pickles, regular mustard (♥ honey mustard), onions, tomatoes (unless they are marinated in garlic), really spicy food, and coconut.
15. I could eat pizza every meal for a year and not get sick of it. I’d weigh 2,000 lbs. but I’d still love it!
16. I love elephants.
17. I am a fan of all music except heavy metal and super twangy country.
18. I really, really want to become a good photographer.
19. I have a younger brother (24) named Ebby.
20. I love to shop (but I’m 99% sure if you’ve read more than one post on my blog you already knew that).
21. I really like to bake, because I’m good at it. I don’t usually like to cook, because I’m horrible at it.
22. I like to make things. Do-it-yourself projects and crafts make me happy.
23. I’m not a huge wine fan but I love me some champagne.
24. I named my puggle (pug/beagle mix) Crosby after Sidney Crosby – captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
25. My favorite number is 10.
26. I really enjoy interior decorating even though I don’t think I’m particularly great at it.

Okay – that’s it. Hopefully you learned something about me that you didn’t know! Happy (almost) Friday!

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

I’m linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday. Happy Hump Day!

Here are a few of my recent favorite finds on Pinterest. You can follow me here if you don’t already!


How amazing does that cupcake look?


I ♥ these flowers!


I need a coral table in my apartment.


I need these so I can send happy notes to my favorite people.



Oh, Hello Monday.

I don’t know about you, but Monday seemed to come a little too quickly. I had a pretty uneventful weekend, well, unless you count my hunt for new luggage on Saturday. My old set completely ripped out on the bottom during our cruise so I had to find a replacement since we leave for our trip to San Francisco in 10 days (and Indy this coming weekend). I did find a great deal on a black Samsonite set from TJ Maxx. I even stopped by JoAnn Fabrics to get some hot pink ribbon to put on them so they are all set to go for our trip.

I stopped by Marshall’s before TJ Maxx and accidentally got this Michael Kors bag for Spring/Summer. I am obsessed with it. Since I got it at Marshall’s I paid a fraction of what it retails for. Yea it might be a season or two old but who cares! I love it. It’s a tan-ish canvas color with cognac brown leather straps. Neutral colors that should go well with all the color that I have in my closet right now.

While I was out and about on Saturday I thought about the Smell the Roses challenge. I already surprised two of my favorite people (more on that later), but I wanted to do something nice for the boyfriend too. He lets me borrow his car a lot, especially if I go run errands that are much easier to do with a car. So while I was out I drove by this little car wash place – the type that hand wash the outside and the inside. Evan probably hasn’t washed his car in a few months so it definitely needed it. He was pleasantly surprised when his car was all nice and clean, inside and out! I also got him another little surprise while I was out. Flaming Hot Cheetos – his favorite and I knew he was out. I’m sure they will be gone in a few days.

For last week’s Smell the Roses challenge (Surprise someone just because.) I also sent little care packages to two of my best friends (and college roomies), Stephanie and Heather. They live in Alabama so I don’t get to see them often (except Steph just came to visit me in March! yay!). I wanted to send them a little package just to brighten their day and let them know that I miss them. I didn’t get a picture of what I sent them, but Steph actually shared hers on her blog on Friday so I stole hers.

I sent each of them a pretty new nail polish, Easter life-savers, and a bunch of my favorite magazines from work. Plus there was a Fitness extra that included a work-out band with exercises. Hopefully they enjoyed them! I honestly love surprising people so I might make this a once-a-week thing.

This week’s Smell the Roses challenge is “Meet a Need.” so link-up and join Jessica’s weekly challenges. Happy Monday!