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Little Friday Nothings

I know I’ve been MIA for a few weeks in the blog-land, but I actually have a really good excuse. I started a new job! I started a few weeks ago for a company called SpinMedia – it’s a publishing company in the music and entertainment business. I am absolutely loving it so far! I have some pretty great coworkers that have made my transition a little bit easier. Plus, just being in the music and entertainment business is lots of fun.

Last week I got to travel to Los Angeles for training. Their headquarters is out there, and it was so much fun visiting a new city. The photo above was taken outside our hotel – the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. I loved this hotel (as seen here and here, too). It used to be the “hot place” to go a few years back or so we heard. I guess it was even a location filmed for The Hills a few times. I think I might do a full post about my trip out there.

We get our new frenchie puppy (Chloe) in TWO WEEKS. I cannot tell you how excited I am! Just look how cute she is.

I just discovered this week that the Phillip Lim for Target line comes out on September 15th. I’ve already got my eye on at least two bags (yay, I can actually afford these ones), but I’m sure I’ll stockpile a ton of other things too. I know I’m going to love everything! You can check out a sneak peak of his line here.

I am getting my hair colored and cut next weekend, but I’m having a hard time deciding what exactly I want to do with it. I’ve debated doing a short-ish bob (like everyone else), because I really want to get rid of the layers in my hair. However, I am already rocking the ómbré look so maybe I should just do one trend at a time. What do you think?

The Chicago Air & Water Show is this weekend, and I’m pumped. I got my camera last year the day before the show so I can’t wait to take more pictures to see how much my photography has improved (probably not much since I have yet to take a class, ha). You can see pictures of last year’s show here.

Little Friday Nothings

I made cookie dough brownies for Evan’s very belated birthday treat. The only thing he asked me for were brownies for his birthday, and I failed. However, I think I made up for it, because they were absolutely amazing.

My obsession with pink continues. I want this dress, to throw a party with this table setting, this pillow, these pants, and this bag.

I am so excited that The Animal Print Shop finally decided to add a baby elephant to their collection. I just bought a new elephant painting (seen here) so I’ve got to figure out a place where I could put the elephant print before I buy it. I need a whole house to decorate otherwise I’m going to end up with 100 elephants in one room.

I have made a promise to myself that I will go to at least one movie in the park and at least one free concert at Millennium Park (they host them every Thursday night) this summer.

Big news! Evan and I have been searching for a french bulldog breeder the past couple days. I think we’ve finally found one we like and are just waiting for their next litter to be born in early July. I can’t wait for Crosby to have a little sister to play with soon! I already have a name picked out too (yes, I’m that girl).

Little Friday Nothings

My arms are still shaking from this at home workout. Seriously, those upper body circuits are a killer. However, pair it with a super cute Nike top and you’re golden. Cute workout clothes always make me work harder.

Is anyone addicted to Nashville as much as I am? Finally, finally, finally – Rayna and Deacon are together (well, kind of).

I should never be allowed in Ulta ever again. It just sucks me in and makes me buy everything. And those coupons. Ugh. I need to stop pretending those are free money.

How cute is this Kate Spade crossbody (the black/ivory)? I want. I need. I. must. have. it.

This is the last weekend we have to enjoy before our wedding season starts. We have a few big plans like celebrating Evan’s birthday a little early. Sake bombing here we come!

Little Friday Nothings

I am obsessed with tulip magnolia trees ever since Sydney posted pictures of them. Just look how gorgeous the flowers are – and there’s a whole tree of them! I must have one in my future lawn.

Last weekend I bought these jeans in my goal size! Working out and eating healthy seems to finally be paying off – woohoo. (I’m also going to pretend that these don’t run large and that I’m actually the size I bought.)

Absolutely loving my new iPhone 5. The camera is just so. much. better. I bought a really cheap bumper for the time being until I can decide what case I really want. I think I’m leaning towards this one.  – it’s just so fun!

One of my best friends from high school is moving to Chicago today. I am so so so excited. She will be working about a block away from me. I see many lunch dates in our near future (and a smaller bank account since she is a stylist at Nordstrom).

I really need to make some StickyGram magnets asap. We have a short supply of magnets on our fridge and these are perfect.

I hope that Zach Braff reaches his goal. I loved Garden State and have no doubts that Wish I Was Here would be just as amazing. Donate here (if you loved Garden State).