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Dream Honeymoon

We have 8 months to go and our honeymoon is still one thing that we definitely need to start thinking about (along with finalizing the DJ, catering, and maybe just a few other big things – eek!). Here are my top 5 dream honeymoons. I have not researched any of these so most of them might definitely be out of budget.


1. Italy (Rome, Venice, Amalfi Coast)
I’ve never been to Europe so this trip would be absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime experience – perfect for our honeymoon. This one might actually be a possibility! We might wait a few months after our wedding though and go in the early fall when the weather is much better for traveling. We’ve heard that June in Italy can be very hot and humid.



2. St Kitts
I really like the idea of relaxing on a beach, but also exploring parts of a city and culture. I have ADD so I’m not sure that I could just sit and relax on a beach every single day for seven days straight. When I travel I really enjoy getting out of the touristy areas and this island seems to be just the place that I would love to do that in.



3. Greek Islands
Rumor on the street is that Greece is “dirty” but I find that very hard to believe about the Greek Islands. The pictures below kind of speak for themselves – it’s just so gorgeous (and I’m sure extremely expensive).



4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
I’ve heard from a few people that this little Mexican town is just breathtaking. Mexico isn’t too far away from the US so this might be a viable option for us. We might even be able to afford a pretty nice resort to stay at!



5. Bali
For some reason Bali seems magical to me. A previous boss at another job went there for her honeymoon and said it was pretty amazing. However, it is veryyyy far away (it usually takes two days to get there), and I’m not sure how I would do with Indonesian food for an extended period of time.


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Savannah, GA

Allie, my best friend since 6th grade got married in May to the love of her life. The wedding was hosted where they fell in love – in breathtaking Savannah, Georgia. They both went to school at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) – and yes, they are two of the most creative people I know. Their wedding was so fabulous! And the best part about their wedding that it was so “Allie and John” – which is exactly what you want your wedding to be. It was unique, creative, and it was just such a great celebration of two of my favorite people. Now if only I could convince them to move back to the midwest. New York is just too dang far away!

I didn’t get many pictures from the weekend, but I did get some good ones of Allie getting ready. I also caught a few of her opening a pre-wedding gift from John – so sweet. And check out that bling – dangggg. It’s a heirloom from John’s family, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!





The photographers posted some amazing photos of the wedding on their blog. Seriously – what a gorgeous wedding! I want to relive it all over again. Congrats Allie & John!

St. Petersburg, Florida

Last week Evan and I flew down to St. Petersburg, Florida for a vacation and his cousin’s wedding. We stayed in one of the coolest hotels ever – the Vinoy. It was originally built in the 1920’s and most importantly it is pink. We had huge windows (mint green windows might I add) that overlooked the marina.

On our first night in Florida we walked to a park across the street that has a weekly movie in the park. It was so cute. There were vendor booths setup of food and lots of people came out to watch the movie and the band that played beforehand. The kettle corn was some of the best kettle corn I have ever had.


The wedding was also so much fun. I finally got to meet some more of Evan’s aunts, uncles and cousins. The band at the wedding was amazing too. They played everything from pop, r&b, country, and classic rock and really kept the party going all night. In the picture below you can see my “after” picture on my hair. I think it turned out great – loving the strawberry blonde ómbré. Although my hair was not happy with the Florida humidity all weekend. Frizz ball city.


And here is the rest of the weekend in pictures.


Seattle Lovin’

I traveled to Seattle twice in the past three months (once in December and once in January), and I am loving the city. The weather wasn’t so great, but hey, it’s not any better in Chicago right now. I hope that I get to go back during the summer months though. I heard it’s gorgeous! Unfortunately I was there for work so most of my pictures were taken at night. Another reason to go back during the summer.

First stop was the market.

Then the gum wall – so cool, but so gross at the same time.

And of course the Space Needle.

And a creepy concrete troll underneath a bridge.


The thing is huge too – there is even an old VW bug underneath it.


And the last stop of my tour was Candy Cane Lane – the cutest little cul-de-sac where every house was decked out in Christmas lights. It was so cute!


On my second trip out there I went to a bunch of really cool restaurants, but unfortunately I didn’t get very many pictures that trip. Maybe next time though. Can’t wait to visit the cute city again! I loved it. It honestly felt a lot like Chicago just on a smaller scale.