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New Year, New Goals



Last year was basically the ‘year of spending’ for us (wedding, honeymoon, bathroom, etc.) so we have already designated 2016 as the ‘year of saving and paying off debts’. Mainly my beloved out-of-state student loans. Besides making a huge dent in paying those off, I’ve put together some more resolutions goals that I would like to accomplish this year.

Make wedding & honeymoon albums. Still deciding where to get these printed. Leaning towards Artifact Uprising right now, but open to other suggestions.

Take a photography class. Yep, been wanting to do this for a few years now. Determined to make this happen in 2016 though.

Start volunteering at least once a month. Since moving back to Indiana I haven’t found an organization that I’ve felt passionate enough about to volunteer for on a regular basis. Not saying there aren’t any out there…I just haven’t even looked!

Stick to an exercise routine/schedule. Last year I shocked myself and got in pretty good shape before the wedding. Then the bonfire accident happened and I gained everything back and lost all my muscle definition. I don’t want to get back into working out that intensely, but I definitely want to get back into a routine again.

Blog once a week. Yep, definitely fell off this wagon in 2015 and want to get back into it this year! We’ve accomplished so much in our home this year, and I would love to document it for my own sake at least.

Open an Etsy shop. I’m super excited about this one. I already have some ideas of what I’ll be making, but I still have to put a plan together before rolling anything out (like, a name). Stay tuned for more info in the coming months!

While we will be saving and paying off a lot of debts this year, of course I still have some plans for updating more of our home. Luckily there aren’t any more major renovations we want to do anytime soon. Most of the updates will happen with paint – lots of paint. Goodbye purple dungeon room. And I can’t wait to finally use my paint sprayer this year. I have another post in the works with all the updates we want to accomplish on the house this year so stay tuned for that.

(photo is from our honeymoon in bali)

Friday Favorites

I made a promise to myself not to buy any clothing until I hit certain weight loss goals so naturally I have just been doing a little window/online shopping. Apparently there is research that says women are more likely to be happy if they shop at least once a week (even if they don’t buy anything). I happen to agree with their findings. Even if I don’t buy anything I am usually in a much better mood after shopping. Lately I’ve been looking at dresses since I have 6 weddings to attend this summer. I might do Rent-the-Runway for one or two but below are some of the super cute dresses I’ve been eyeing.  Also, linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday.


onetwothreefour five

It’s Time to Celebrate!

It has been such an exciting week for me and a few of my close friends that I just had to participate in Lauren’s Friday Favorites link-up. Happy Friday everyone!


[ONE] – My bestie since junior high school got engaged to the love of her life over the weekend. I could not be happier for them and cannot wait to celebrate on the big day! They are both super creative too (she is a fabric designer for Macy’s and he is an industrial designer, pretty cool huh?) so I just know their wedding is going to be absolutely fabulous. Congrats Allie & John! (Sorry Al, stole this picture from you. Hope you don’t mind!)

[TWO] – Another bestie from junior high school gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – welcome to the world Kennason Marie! She is just soo cute, and I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks. This is the first baby out of all my close friends so I’m pretty sure she is going to be spoiled real soon. They opted not to find out the sex of the baby, and it killed me that I couldn’t buy any cute clothes. Gender neutral clothes are just boring. Don’t worry…I immediately started online shopping when I found out. She’ll have some new girly pink and purple outfits soon! 🙂 Congrats Dana & JP!

[THREE] – My bestie/college roomie, Steph, celebrated her 27th birthday on Monday. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there to celebrate with her, but I did send her a little care package instead. One of the things I got her was this pink heart mug from West Elm that I am absolutely obsessed with. I am kicking myself in the butt for not getting myself one. Hope you had a great day Steph!

[FOUR] – I am a Regal Crown Card member (I sound so cool, right?), and one of the perks is that they sometimes send you free tickets to advance movie screenings. I received two passes to Save Haven (based on the Nicholas Sparks book) and went with my coworker. It was amazing. I loved it and will probably go back to see it again. It definitely was a tearjerker in a few parts but oh so good! I read the book awhile ago, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t remember all the details because it made the movie a little more unpredictable. So my advice is if you haven’t read the book, wait until after you see the movie. And if you have, don’t re-read right before you see it. It’ll keep you guessing and make it more enjoyable. The books are never as good as the movies, but I really think this one just might be. So…go see it!

[FIVE] – Ever heard of Champagne Fridays? Probably not, but my new coworkers introduced me to the concept. They usually do it when someone has a birthday that week, but they also do them when there is going to be an extra stressful day. Today is one of those days. We have a huge software migration happening and have to cross our fingers (and legs, toes, etc) that everything goes smoothly. It probably won’t so we are prepared to pop the champagne early. I discovered this new Moscato from the Skinny Vine that I’m excited to try out. It’s only 95 calories per serving – yes, please!