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Dora the Explorer

On Sunday me and my little camera went exploring around Chicago. I have my first photo shoot (yep, I said photo shoot, ah! – some crazy friends of mine asked me to take their engagement pictures) this coming weekend so I needed to get some practice in. I’m still learning how to use my camera so I’m not really sure how this shoot is going to go. We’ll see though. Hopefully I have at least a few good pictures.

Anyway – here are a few of my favorite shots that I took on Sunday. These are mostly all taken around Lincoln Park  and the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I realized how absolutely breathtaking my city is.

Also, for some reason these images look blurry after I upload them onto my blog. I reduce the size of the image prior to uploading so I’m not really sure why they still come out blurry. They are actually much better in real life. Any suggestions on how to reduce the blurriness when uploading?